Case Studiessuccess of super strategists

Navigating Workflow Woes

Super Strategist is an Australian wealth management firm dedicated to nurturing family wealth. They managed over 200 funds with a service provider, but grappled with a common industry woe—lacklustre services causing delays and operational inefficiencies. The scepticism born from the sector’s consolidation made forging lasting partnerships seem quite difficult.

Key Takeaways

  • Super Strategist faced some issues with their previous provider that casued delays and operational inefficiencies
  • Solutions Centric helped them navigate paperwork, manage their workflow and technical aspects
  • Clear processes and a reliable support system helped them scale up from 200 funds to 450+ funds

Stability, Processes, and Scaling Up

Solutions Centric approached the challenge with a focus on stability and a streamlined process. Beyond merely being a service provider, we became strategic partners, helping Super Strategist navigate not just paperwork but also manage their workflow and technical aspects.

The team’s flexibility and proactive problem-solving were highly appreciated; the trust developed became a catalyst for growth. Solutions Centric identified and unlocked opportunities within Super Strategist’s business, propelling them from managing 200 funds to a robust portfolio of over 450 funds. This collaborative scaling up was marked by a refreshing partnership that went beyond conventional service norms.

Empowering Growth Through Streamlined Operations

It is easy to point to the superior profit Solutions Centric has helped us generate. But it is the support and ‘can do’ attitude of their leadership team that has given us the confidence we need to continue our growth. We know ‘who to go to’ when we have a query and can rely on them to ‘follow through’.

–  Rayden James, Director, Super Strategist

The foundation of this success lay in a sense of stability and the establishment of clear processes. Super Strategist now have a seamless and reliable support system. The journey with Solutions Centric empowered Super Strategist not only to manage their existing workflow but also to scale up significantly.