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At Solutions Centric, we offer a team of experts delivering professional SMSF accounting solutions tailored to the needs of your firm. Outsourcing SMSF services opens the doors to numerous benefits that can drive your business forward, providing new growth opportunities.

Access to SMSF Accountants

We have access to a large talent pool of experienced and qualified accountants from India, one of the world’s leading centres of professional services. With sound knowledge and expertise to assist with your needs, your firm can easily ensure compliance with regulations, while reducing errors and discrepancies.

Well-defined SOPs and Tailored SMSF Solutions

Having handled over 4000 SMSFs, our accountants bring standard operating procedures that streamline workflows. These are flexible and can be tailored to the requirements and ways of your firm while adhering to industry best practices.

Streamlining Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Our team will help you establish and follow efficient processes and integrate technology practices to transform your firm’s operational landscape, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency across your organization.

Cost Management with Scalable Solutions

We enable firms to manage costs during workload spikes and fluctuations by providing access to a scalable-on-demand team of Superfund Acountants.

Our Managed Services model provides you with a scope-based team that will continuously work on your planned workloads. You avoid the risks of recruitment and can scale immediately.

In our Resource-based model, we will work with you to build high-performing teams tailored to your requirements. Depending on your needs, we can add more team members rapidly and help in times of unplanned spikes in work volumes.

This flexibility helps you manage costs without compromising on quality.

Up-to-date Technology Practices

Every member of our team has expertise in the most widely used SMSF software solutions, CLASS and BGL. Our SMSF accountants are well-versed in the functionalities, updates, and best practices of these platforms, ensuring that our clients are always benefitting from the most current and efficient processes.

We provide Year-end Compliance services for SMSF

  • Audit-ready financial statements and tax returns
  • Customised digital hyperlinked work papers that are software-agnostic
  • Liaising with auditors and providing necessary documentation
  • Access to technical support throughout the year
  • Data feed review and management
  • Investment reconciliation
  • Income reconciliations
  • Expense allocations
  • Benefit monitoring and TBAR reporting
  • Pension establishment
  • Processing pension and lump sum payments
  • Contribution monitoring and reporting
  • Maintenance of trustee and member records
  • BAS preparation

By partnering with an experienced provider for outsourcing SMSF services, your firm can fully focus on your core business and new offerings to engage your clients. You can direct your resources and attention towards strategic initiatives that drive your firm’s growth.

Get in touch with Krish Sritharan to understand how you can get started with an SMSF accounting solution that best fits your need.